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Name:Ambrogio Stornello
Birthdate:May 15

When Lucifer fell, he did not fall alone. Or so the pious say. They also say that is where starlings have their origins. Birds with midnight black plumage dotted with the celestial stars to always remind them of their fall – and yet such creatures wear this badge of shame with honour and delight. Masters of mimicry and opportunity, starlings ( sturnus in the Latin) became both the atavistic emblem of the Stornello family and their namesake. And like the birds, the human Stornello family had no qualms with inserting themselves into the crevices of the world and exposing any weak prey that would help them advance ever higher the ladder to Heaven.

.To be a god.

"You have been touched by the Three Mothers." The woman's voice rasped out. It was an odd effect, given the soft glow the oil lamps cast upon the chamber.

"Cheap words and a clever lie from a blind woman." Ambrogio was not impressed with the blind sybil and did not care to mind his manners.

"I don't need eyes, boy, to see that there stands one before me who has been touched by the Fates. You think the Christ the last one to climb the Tree of Life?" The blind Seer could feel the interest building within the boy. "But which side will you choose? That is the mystery and one even I cannot foretell."

Ambrogio was becoming more interested in the woman's words. Perhaps the whispers were right and she could see things that ought not to be seen. "What do you mean, which side?"

"Recall your catechism, boy. There grew in the Garden the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil."

"There were two trees, old mother. It is the Tree of Immortality I would climb." His tone was cheeky, but the words were serious. If the Garden could still be found, that would be the tree he would go to -- he already knew enough about good and evil.

"No. There is but one tree and it is by climbing that one that we reach the Golden Apples of Immortality." Her blind gaze burned into the boy.

Ambrogio shifted on his feet under her gaze. "But the priests say that the Garden is lost to us and the second tree lost to us."

"Ha! Of course they do. It sits uneasily upon them to think that any one could reach the celestial heights without their intercession and false piety. All that gold they would lose if everyone knew that salvation was within them if only they looked." The clouds in the woman's eyes cleared and a piercing intelligence looked out from them. "Are you ready to be a god, boy?"

"What must I do?"

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